Qualitative Research and Design Using NVivo

Offered :Spring 2010:
March 1 through April 2, 2010; Instructor: Stuart Robertson; Registration Fee: $450; Course No: 00.072-041

This 5-week online workshop has been designed and developed by an expert team at the University of chart Massachusetts Lowell, an institution in the forefront of qualitative research design and online educational programming. This innovative online course integrates weekly, self-paced study modules with interactive research design discussions into a flexible learning package designed to meet the needs of both newcomers and seasoned users of qualitative research software.

In recent years, qualitative research has become a widely accepted practice throughout numerous disciplines including the social sciences, anthropology, psychology, criminological research, human resource management, and marketing research to name a few. Companies and organizations that once questioned the more interpretive nature of qualitative research are now realizing its value and are successfully integrating it into their overall research plans.

QSR International’s NVivo software, widely-recognized as an industry standard software application for qualitative research, has made it easier than ever for researchers to analyze the non-numeric data they have collected through various box of the softwaresources - such as customer emails, patient or subject evaluations, focus groups, case studies, interviews, observations, feedback forms, and surveys - by organizing it into a format from which they can more readily draw conclusions, identify trends, or develop hypotheses.

This noncredit workshop is designed to provide participants with a thorough overview of the technical features available within NVivo. It also provides participants with a better understanding of qualitative research design and how they can effectively manage their non-numeric data analysis within the NVivo software environment.


This seminar has been designed to serve a wide range of individuals – from those who have little or no woman on a laptopknowledge of the software to those who have been using NVivo but would like the opportunity to interact with highly skilled faculty and practitioners of qualitative research. It is designed to meet the needs of working professionals from academic, commercial, or other nonprofit sectors at either undergraduate or graduate levels. The course is designed to serve the needs of those who simply want to become familiar with the software, as well as those who are already considering it for a specific use. Note: It is not necessary for participants to have a qualitative research project underway in order to take this course.


"Thank you - I really enjoyed this webinar. The webinar covered a wide range of features that were included in the software – many of which we would have learned on our own along the way, but seeing it all together in one location has made the process far more efficient."


Workshop Format

The course format, which combines both instructor-led and self-paced learning, provides you with the opportunity to work flexibly image of a laptopwithin a five-week timeframe, while allowing you access to skilled faculty experts as well as other learners in this field. All coursework can be conducted asynchronously, meaning participants are not required to be in a particular place, at a particular time. There are, however, two opportunities for class participation in an online chat. Though participation in the online chat is not required, students interested in participating will need to have access to a computer with a microphone and audio output at the scheduled chat times. See below for more details. For those who aren’t able to join in the scheduled chat sessions, access to the chat archive will be made available. Enrollment in this instructor-led workshop is limited to 15 participants to ensure a high level of instructor/student interaction.


There is one designated instructor assigned to the course. All of the instructors selected to teach in this program are highly skilled qualitative researchers with deep experience using the NVivo software package and they are experienced teaching in online environments. They are available to answer questions about technical issues related to the software and are knowledgeable of the implications technical issues pose for qualitative research design.

Expected Outcomes

When you complete this course you will have:

  • Received a thorough introduction to NVivo's key technical features.
  • Gained knowledge of a framework for research design and the ability to apply skilled research design principles to the use of NVivo software.

Special resource units within this course include web-based and bibliographic resources, as well as case studies that critically discuss research design in NVivo software, providing participants with real life examples of the way the tool can best be used.

Course Outline

The five-week course is divided into two major sections. Each section helps you to become familiar with a range of the software’s technical features and provides you with an opportunity to practice research design in the software.

Week 1

Part I: Module 1: Overview
Introduction to the workshop, your instructors and the participants

Part I: Module 2: NVivo Basics
What NVivo does and doesn’t do; What’s in a project; Free and Tree Nodes

Part I: Module 3: NVivo Building Blocks
Cases and Attributes; Connections/Links; Importing Documents; Autocoding

Week 2

Part I: Module 4: NVivo’s Visualization Tools
Visualization and Modeling

Part I: Module 5: Research Design I
Introduction to Research Design in QDAS; Planning Your Project


Week 3

Finish Module 5 from Previous Week
Part II: Module 6: Search Tools I
Word Count; Text; Simple Queries; Thinking Boolean

Week 4

Part II: Module 7: Search Tools II
Advanced Queries; Matrices; Relationship Nodes

Part II: Module 8: Research Design II
Case Examples; Building an NVivo Shell


Week 5

Review and Prepare for Your Future with NVivo!

About the Chat Sessions

chatThere are two chat sessions scheduled during the five-week workshop - one near the end of Week 2 and one near the completion of Week 4. The chats are scheduled to correspond with the Research Design Modules (Module 5 and Module 8), so that you will have an opportunity for audio participation and assistance as you work your way through the modules. The chat sessions also enable students to view the instructor’s screen as they work within in the application. While the software tools for participating in the chat are included within the course interface, students should read the section in the course on preparing for the online chat. Participants who do not have access to a microphone or speakers on their computer systems can also participate in the chat via text.

Software and Technical Requirements

Students will need to have a copy of NVivo 7.0 or Nvivo 8.0 for use in this course. The options for obtaining an NVivo license are available from the QSR International website at http://www.qsrinternational.com.

Course Texts

This course provides you with complete materials for understanding the content of each of the modules. All required instructional materials are included, and there are no textbooks required.

Registration Information – Register Now!

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Late Registration

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Registrations may be cancelled in writing up to 7 business days prior to the start of the workshop. There will be no refunds for registrations cancelled after that date. Registrants who fail to contact the University concerning their cancellations will also be subject to the entire cost of the workshop.


Workshop registration fees will be fully refunded should the University cancel due to insufficient enrollments or any other unforeseen circumstances. Workshop registration fees will also be refunded for registrations cancelled prior to 7 business days before the start of the workshop. The University will not be responsible for any other related expenses incurred by the registrant.

Tuition Waivers

This noncredit workshop is considered a Special Corporate Program and tuition waivers cannot be accepted.

Continuing Education Units

CEU’s and certificates of completion will be awarded.

Questions about the Course?

Contact Judith Davidson at (978) 934-4611.

Questions about the registration?

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About this Workshop and UML’s Qualitative Research Network

The development of this workshop was supported by a grant from the University small group of peopleof Massachusetts President’s Office. The grant was coordinated by the UML Qualitative Research Network (QRN), a cross-campus organization of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to promoting robust use of qualitative research methods. A portion of the revenue from this workshop goes to supporting the ongoing work of QRN.