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Plastics Competitive Strategy 101

2 Day Lecture with Case Studies Offered Once

Tuition: $1,495

  • July 10-11
    Dr. David Kazmer
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The plastics industry is a $500 billion global business, with revenues above $100 billion in the U.S. alone. This workshop provides the competitive case for plastics from a technical, economic, and societal perspective. An overview of common plastics materials, product design, and processing methods is presented at a level accessible to executives. Issues common to competitive strategy are presented using Harvard University case studies regarding common supply chain and product development issues. Current industry trends and emerging opportunities are also discussed.

Workshop participants should be mid-to senior-level engineers and managers. A working knowledge of mathematics and Microsoft Excel is helpful but not required.


Overview of the plastics industry

  • Industry structure and supply chains
  • Materials and applications
  • Product development processes

Overview of plastic materials & properties

  • Thermoplastics and thermosets
  • Additives and modifiers
  • Common trade-offs between material properties

Overview of plastics product design & manufacturing

  • The case for plastic products, and metal/glass to plastic conversion
  • Process selection and design for manufacturing
  • Cost structures in plastics product development


  • Insourcing, outsourcing, and supply chain strategies (case study)
  • "Art to part" product development failure modes (case study)