Highly effective seminars and hands-on workshops held several times throughout the year

Mechanical, Physical, and Rheological Properties of Materials, Blends and Composites

5 Day Lecture/Workshop Offered Three Times

Tuition: $1,695

  • June 5-9
    Dr. Stephen McCarthy and Dr. Eliad Cohen
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This course is designed to provide individuals using or producing plastic products with an understanding of the mechanical, physical and rheological properties of plastic materials, blends and composites. Lectures will cover the basic theoretical principles governing the behavior of plastics, and will provide insight that will enable participants to predict properties. A hands-on laboratory will familiarize attendees with state-of-the-art testing and characterization equipment.


Mechanical Properties

  • Stress/Strain relationships; tensile, flexural, compressive, shear; impact, creep, stress relaxation; temperature and strain rate effects; orientation, environmental effects; crystallinity, residual stress effects; polymer blends; composites; fracture and failure analysis; dynamic mechanical modulus

Physical Properties

  • Glass transition temperature; melting and degree of crystallinity; chemical resistance, permeability; thermal properties; electrical properties; flammability; miscibility/compatibility of blends; degradation; characterization and identification of plastics

Rheological Properties

  • Steady state viscosity; temperature dependence; shear rate dependence; capillary rheometer; melt index; solution viscosity; dynamic mechanical viscosity; composites