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Introduction to Injection Molding Simulation

2 Day Lecture/Workshop Offered Once

Tuition: $995

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This seminar is offered to anyone involved in the design and production of injection molded plastic parts. This course provides students with an overview of concepts and procedures involved in the simulation of the injection molding process.

The seminar takes the student through the journey of how Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has helped with improving the quality of the parts produced by the injection molding process. The seminar starts with a review of how the variables in the part design - molding material, processing and mold design - can affect the part quality and can be taken into account in FEA analysis. Students will learn a brief history of finite element analysis, theory and some of the equations solved in the calculations. To illustrate the concepts, students will evaluate the advantages of finite element analysis through the usage of Autodesk® Moldflow® Adviser and Autodesk® Moldflow® Insight products in the laboratory through hands on practice exercises.



  • Review of the injection molding process variables, molding materials, and part & mold design considerations.

Brief History of Finite Element Analysis

  • Review of the history of finite element analysis usage for plastics molding simulation.

Overview of Finite Element Analysis Theory

  • Assumptions and simplifications. Equations and numerical solutions. Types of elements used in simulation, usages and applications.

Introduction to Autodesk® Moldflow® Products

  • Differences and similarities of the products. General guidelines of when to use the products.


  • Exercise practices to understand the application of injection molding simulation using Autodesk® Moldflow® Adviser and Autodesk® Moldflow® Insight products.