UML Plastics 2015

Polymer Nanocomposites

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January 11-13, 2016 (CRS# 00.759-001)

TUITION: $1350

Drawing on 25+ years of combined experience working with academia and industry coupled with numerous publications and book chapters as well as ongoing research in the field, this course provides coverage of all aspects of polymer nanocomposite technology. We begin by identifying the features that make nanocomposites “different”, then provide historical context for the industrial development of these materials, the current state of the market, and a frank discussion of what can and cannot be accomplished with these materials. We then move to a survey of nanofillers, their modification, analysis and properties. Based on Dr. Schmidt’s contribution to the Industry Guide to Polymer Nanocomposites, an in-depth discussion of nanocomposite processing follows, after which characterization and properties will be covered. The course content will be tailored based on participant interest, with in-lab demonstrations of materials handling, nanocomposite processing and analysis available as needed.


Dr. Daniel F. Schmidt and Dr. Emmanuelle Reynaud