Plastic Training Seminar: Extrusion Die Engineering
UML Plastics 2015

Extrusion Die Engineering

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June 16-17, 2016 (CRS# 00.750-011)


This seminar will cover die design from a materials properties point of view. Attendees will gain a good understanding of practical rheology and how to use it for efficient die design. Explaining why certain extrusion "phenomena" occur is a major theme of this seminar, and a number of industry-relevant case studies will be provided. This course is intended for anyone who is currently responsible for or interested in the design, performance, optimization or purchase of an extrusion die. Extrusion die designers, process engineers, technical service personnel, research and development personnel and those responsible for specifying and troubleshooting extrusion processes will obtain the most benefit from this course. Topics covered will be applicable to all areas of extrusion including pipe and tubing, film and sheet, wire and cable coating, blow molding and profile extrusion. Attendees will learn about the most important design criteria that go into good die designs and how to differentiate between good and bad designs.


Material Properties
The Extruder
Mono-Layer Dies
Profile Dies: Design & Optimization
"Hands-On" Simulation Training

Dr. John Perdikoulias and Vijay Kudchadkar