Extended List of On-Campus Electives in the CJ Master's Degree Program

Call the CJ Master's Degree Program Coordinator at (978) 934-4106 for more information on these on-campus course electives.

On-Campus Elective Courses for the CJ Master's Degree Program

Total Electives Required for Program: 6

  1. 44.511 Planning and Program Development (3cr)
  2. 44.520 Crime and the Community (3cr)
  3. 44.522 Victimology (3cr)
  4. 44.526 Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes (3cr)
  5. 44.530 Technology and the Law (3cr)
  6. 44.531 Law and Administrative Procedures (3cr)
  7. 44.533 Elite Deviance and White Collar Crime (3cr)
  8. 44.540 Issues in Police Administration (3cr)
  9. 44.541 Terrorism (3cr)
  10. 44.542 Criminal Profiling (3cr)
  11. 44.543 Forensic Psychology (3cr)
  12. 44.544 Issues in Policing (3cr)
  13. 44.550 Issues in Corrections (3cr)
  14. 44.551 Criminal Justice Ethics (3cr)
  15. 44.560 Gender, Race and Crime (3cr)
  16. 44.561 Minorities and the Criminal Justice System (3cr)
  17. 44.570 Criminal Justice Management and Planning (3cr)
  18. 44.572 Personnel Administration (3cr)
  19. 44.573 Law and Public Policy (3cr)
  20. 44.581 Advanced Data Analysis (3cr)
  21. 44.591 Research Methods in Criminal Justice II (3cr)
  22. 44.592 Criminal Justice Information Systems (3cr)
  23. 44.593 Forensic Computer Crime (3cr)
  24. 44.594 Crime Analysis and Mapping (3cr)
  25. 44.621 Crime Prevention & Public Policy (3cr)
  26. 44.622 Intimate Partner Violence (3cr)
  27. 44.623 Child Maltreatment (3cr)
  28. 44.624 Violence in America (3cr)
  29. 44.635 Constitutional Law (3cr)
  30. 44.650 Community-Based Corrections (3cr)
  31. 44.675 Community Relations for Criminal Justice Professionals (3cr)
  32. 44.680 Special Topics in Technology and Research (3cr)
  33. 44.681 Special Topics in Management and Planning (3cr)
  34. 44.682 Special Topics in Crime and the Community (3cr)
  35. 44.690 Advanced Data Analysis (3cr)
  36. 44.692 Computer Applications in Criminal Justice (3cr)
  37. 44.743 Master's Thesis (3cr)
  38. 44.746 Master's Thesis (6cr)

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