UMass Lowell Courses Held in Haverhill at Northern Essex Community College

Students can now complete the following UMass Lowell degree programs entirely onsite in Haverhill at Northern Essex Community College:

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Spring 2017 Courses: Jan 18 - May 02

Day / Time Tuition
Community Based Corrections Canceled 1/5/17
Thurs / 6:30-9:20pm $1020
Crime and Mental Illness
Tues / 6:30-9:35pm $1020
Criminal Justice Data Analysis
Mon / 6:30-9:20pm $1020
Human Resources Management Canceled 1/12/17
Thurs / 6:30-9:30pm $1020
New Product and Service Management Canceled 1/5/17
Wed / 6:30-9:20pm $1020
Operations Management
Tues / 6:30-9:35pm $1020
Psychology and Law
Mon / 6:30-9:20pm $1020
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Mon / 3:00-5:50pm $1020
Research III: Laboratory
Wed / 6:30-9:20pm $1020
Seminar in Clinical Psychology: Autism Canceled 1/5/17
Wed / 3:00-5:50pm $1020
Technology and the Criminal Justice System
Tues / 6:30-9:20pm $1020

Fall 2016 Courses: Sep 07 - Dec 12

Day / Time Tuition
Gender, Race and Crime
Thurs / 6:00-9:15pm $1020
Research Methods
Tues / 6:00-9:15pm $1020
Statistics in Criminal Justice
Wed / 6:30-9:45pm $1020
Financial Management
Tues / 6:30-9:45pm $1020
United States History since 1960 Canceled 8/2/16
Tues / 3:00-6:15pm $1020
Strategic Management
Thurs / 6:30-9:50pm $1020
Global Marketing Canceled 8/2/16
Mon / 6:30-9:45pm $1020
Managerial Decision Making
Tues / 6:30-9:45pm $1020
Culture and Psychology
Mon / 3:00-6:15pm $1020
Adult Development and Aging
Mon / 6:30-9:45pm $1020
Research II: Statistics
Thurs / 3:00-6:15pm $1020
Seminar in Social Psychology: Aggression
Thurs / 6:30-9:45pm $1020

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Haverhill Students - Get Your Course Books

  1. The books are available for pick-up at the UMass Lowell River Hawk Shop located at University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket Street in Lowell, MA. Phone: (978) 934-2623
  2. Books can also be ordered online at and shipped to the students home.
  3. Books can be ordered online for pick-up and in the comments section they can request the book be sent to the NECC bookstore.

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As part of the University's outreach mission, we will provide students with access to a broad range of the University's academic programs and services, managed by the Division of Online and Continuing Education. This initiative will expand upon the strong partnership between UMass Lowell and Northern Essex Community College, allowing many students to continue their education and pursue a Bachelor's Degree at UMass Lowell. Programs will be available at convenient times to meet the needs of traditional students as well as busy professionals.

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