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Kaitlyn Clarke
2018 Winner

Here is your opportunity to nominate an outstanding instructor teaching in the Division of Online & Continuing Education with the Haskell Distinguished Teaching Award.

You are urged to submit a nomination for a faculty member you feel is deserving of this award. Please observe the following guidelines.

  • You may nominate only one faculty member during a current year.
  • Nominations must address at least two of the following: class presentation, ability to motivate students, and/or course content.

About the Haskell Award

The Haskell Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching was established in memory of William Haskell, who taught at the University for many years and was revered among students for his teaching. Each year, the Division of Online and Continuing Education solicits nominations and selects a faculty member who personifies the spirit and teaching excellence of the award's namesake. Last year's Haskell Award for Distinguished Teaching was presented to Associate Professor Keith Mitchell from the University's English Department.

2019 Haskell Award for Distinguished Teaching Nomination Form

Deadline for Submission: March 29, 2019

The Awards Committee selecting the winner will consist of one student representative, one alumni, one faculty member, and two administrators/staff. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please give us a call at the Faculty & Student Support Center,  (978) 934-2474.

The recipient will be presented with the award at the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society induction ceremony on April 27, 2019.

I nominate this person for the Haskell Distinguished Teaching Award

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He/She was my instructor for the following course(s):

The reasons I am nominating this person are:

(Please be sure to include at least two of the following: class presentation, course content and ability to motivate students. Be explicit in stating your reasons for the faculty nomination.)