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Spring 2019

Registration for Spring 2019 Session II MBA Courses is open until 3/22/2019.

Summer 2019

Register now for Summer Courses.

Get a Head Start and Register Early!

Although we cannot guarantee an opening in any class, your chances for being enrolled in the course of your choice are better when you register early. Please note that seats in laboratory courses are limited. When registering, please take note of the Academic Calendar. We have many options to meet your needs.

RESIDENTS OF Arkansas, Kansas and Minnesota: State and federal laws require colleges and universities to be authorized to offer online degree programs in states other than their own. Due to these regulations, the University of Massachusetts Lowell is unable to accept applications or registrations for online courses, degrees or certificate programs from residents of Arkansas, Kansas or Minnesota. Current UML students that move their residence to one of these states should contact in Online and Continuing Education to determine their eligibility to continue their program of study.

Important Information for International Students

New Students: Use One of the Following Options to Register

Online Registration:

New students may register using the online Non Degree Registration Form ("Echo-Sign").

Mail-In Registration:

1. Fill out the Non Degree Registration Form (pdf version) and return it postmarked no later than the scheduled deadline and mail to:

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • The Solution Center
  • University Crossing
  • 220 Pawtucket St, Suite 131
  • Lowell, MA 01854-5129

2. For classroom location and other scheduling information, please log in to the UML Student Information system (SIS).

Fax-In Registration:

Fill out the Non Degree Registration Form (pdf version) and fax it to (978) 934-2041 no later than the scheduled deadline.

Walk-In Registration:

Walk-In registration is held at the Solution Center, currently located at University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket Street, Suite 131, Lowell, MA 01854-5129.

Please visit for their office hours.

Logging Into SIS / Accessing Your Student Account

Once your Non Degree Registration Form has been processed by the Solution Center, you will receive an email to your personal email account (if provided) or a letter will be mailed to your home.

After submitting your registration (please allow time for processing), visit to get your "Student ID" (this will be your default password for your UML student email account, which you will need to log onto SiS.) Once you have this, visit and follow the instructions provided to reset your student email password using your "Student ID" (also referred to as UMS#).

Once you have your student email address and updated email password, you can log into and view your schedule. To log into SiS, click on the "Student Self-Service Login" button at Use your email address as the "Campus User ID" and your email password in the password field, then select "Lowell" from the campus selection menu. Then click the Login button.  If you encounter problems or need additional assistance, either refer to the step-by-step new student checklist on page three of the Non Degree Registration Form or contact the SiS Help Desk at (978) 934-4357.

Students with Disabilities

Newly accepted students who are requesting an accommodation based on a disability must interview with Student Disability Services personnel at the University in order to ensure delivery of needed accommodation(s). These interviews are scheduled by emailing Prior to scheduling an Intake Interview, proper documentation must be provided to the Student Disability Services Office.

Returning Students:

Students who have been enrolled in a course at any time during the last three semesters may register and pay for courses online by using SIS (Student Information System).

SIS Web-Based Self-Service Registration
Note: This is the preferred method of registration for all returning students.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Student Self-Service Login.
  3. Enter your Campus User ID, password and campus into the appropriate fields and click Login. (Note: Use your UML Student email address as your Campus User ID. If you have forgotten your UML Email password, visit
  4. From the menu on the left select Self Service.
  5. Click Enrollment.
  6. Click Enrollment:Add Classes.
  7. Select Term then click Continue.
  8. Type the Class Number in the Class Nbr field. Please note, the class number is different from the course number.
  9. You can search for the class number by clicking Search. Enter the first two digits of the course number (found in the bulletin), into the Course Subject box. Then enter the following three numbers of the course number into the Course Number box and then hit Search. You can also find the course subject and the course number on the OCE website or or in the OCE bulletin. Confused? See our Class Search Help Guide (pdf)

    Repeat Step 7 until all desired classes have been added.
  10. Click the Proceed To Step 2 Of 3 button.
  11. Finish Enrolling

When using SIS, Undergraduate, Graduate and Online and Continuing Education students are able to perform the following transactions:

  • search the course catalog and schedule of classes
  • register for classes as well as add and drop classes
  • request official transcripts
  • view and pay a bill
  • accept and decline financial aid

Students also can access and print their class schedules located under "View my class schedule".

For more information, check out the "Information for..." section at
If you have a problem accessing your account, please contact the help desk at (978) 934-4357.

Note: In registering for courses and/or accepting admission into the University, each student assumes responsibility for knowledge of and compliance with the definitions, regulations, and procedures of the University pertaining to his or her student status as set forth in the appropriate University of Massachusetts Lowell, Division of Online and Continuing Education website, publications, and catalog.

International Students

The University of Massachusetts Lowell does not issue a student visa document (i.e., Form I-20 or Form DS-2019, etc.) to students for any Online and Continuing Education Programs. International students presently living in the U.S. who are registering for the Division of Online and Continuing Education classes must provide proof of non-immigrant status. Please submit a copy of your current visa document (Form I-20, Form DS-2019, Form I-797, Employee Authorization Card, etc.), visa stamp and I-94 card, with your registration form. F-1 and J-1 students from another academic institution must obtain the consent of their U.S. sponsoring institution in order to enroll for courses at UMass Lowell. Such consent will be reviewed by the International Students & Scholars Office at UMass Lowell. These students will not be permitted to be full-time or degree seeking students at UMass Lowell while maintaining F-1 or J-1 student status from another academic institution. Students holding B-1 and B-2 status may not register for any academic classes. Students on F-2, spouses and minor children of a legal F-1 student may not engage in a full course of study, but may work towards completion of a degree while on part-time status. The ultimate responsibility to know and follow the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services regulations rests upon the students themselves. Please contact the International Students and Scholars Office at with any questions.

New Students:

Use the online Non Degree Registration Form or print and mail-in/fax-in the completed pdf version. Once you have registered, Learn How to Log Into Your UMass Lowell Student Account

Returning Students:

Register using SIS Self-Service

UML Day Students:

Courses offered through Online and Continuing Education (OCE) are not covered by your undergraduate day school student tuition and fees. In registering for OCE courses, you will be charged separate OCE tuition and fees in addition to your full-time day student tuition and fees.

Questions About Registration?

Call (800) 480-3190 and press 3 to speak with someone in the Solution Center.

UMass Lowell Solution Center:
Location: University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket Street, Suite 131

Please visit for their office hours.

Need Help With Course Selection or Completing Your Program of Study?

Call (800) 480-3190 and press 1 to speak with an advisor in our Student Support Center, or email us at with your questions!

Online Students

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Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities who need accommodations should contact Student Disability Services at