Accessing Your UMass Lowell Student Email and iSiS Student Record

When you first register for courses at UMass Lowell, a Student Email Account is automatically generated for you (please allow 1-2 business days for processing).

All official University communication will be sent to you at this email address. This includes messages about the availability of class schedules, course cancellations, grade reports, and other important UMass Lowell information.

Your UMass Lowell Student Email Account is formatted like this:

Before you can use your UMass Lowell student email account, you will need to change your default email password. To do this, you will need your UMass Lowell Student ID# (Don't have it? Look it up)

Your default student email password is Ums12345678, where the last eight digits are your UMass Lowell Student ID#. Once you know your Student ID#, you can Change Your Default Email Password. Remember: When entering your default student email password, don't forget to use an Uppercase 'U' and lowercase 'ms' before your eight digit Student ID number.

After you have changed your default email password, visit to access your UMass Lowell student email. Click on the 'Login using LiveMail' link. Enter your full UML Student Email Account (including the as your Windows Live ID, and your updated student email password where it asks for Password.
If you encounter problems or need additional assistance, contact the UMass Lowell Help Desk at (978) 934-4357.

View Your Student Records at

Once you have your UML Student Email Address and your Student Email Account Password, you will use these to log into your iSiS Student Records at - Select the 'Student Self-Service Login' button, then enter your full Student Email Address (including the as the 'Campus User ID', and your Student Email Account Password as the 'Password'. Then select 'Lowell' from the Campus popup menu, and click on the 'Login' button to proceed.
Through this Student Self-Service Login, you will be able to register for future classes, add, drop and swap courses, obtain class schedules (called a study list), view and print grades, review your account billing information, and more.


TIP: Make sure to save your Student Email Address, Email Password and UML Student ID# somewhere safe, as you will need them for future reference.

Emergency Contact Information & Notification

Responding to increased concerns about security issues of all kinds on University campuses nationwide, we have initiated a process to require students to provide and/or verify Emergency Contact Information on a regular basis. This information will be used to contact designated individuals in the event of an emergency involving you as a student on campus. When you first log into ISIS for any reason this semester, you will notice an entry in "Your Holds Summary" indicating Emergency Contact Verification. This "Hold" will prevent all Registration/Add/Drop/Swap a Class activity until you take action to verify your Emergency Contact Information. You will be able to release this hold yourself through ISIS by clicking on the hold and following the instructions. We encourage you to be proactive and verify this information BEFORE you actually need to register for classes or use Add/Drop/Swap a Class functionality in ISIS. For assistance, a Help document has been posted on the ISIS website.

Sign up for the UML Emergency Notification System to get notified in the event of a campus emergency or crisis at:

Need Help? Contact the UML Help Desk!

If you encounter problems or need additional assistance, contact the UMass Lowell Help Desk at (978) 934-4357.


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