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New! Available entirely online or as a mix of on campus and online courses!

UMass Lowell's Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice offers a strong concentration in professional courses while simultaneously assuring the student a traditional, well-rounded liberal arts education. Students typically take from 36 to 48 credits of professional courses.

In addition, students majoring in Criminal Justice will fulfill a professional skills requirement. This consists of either attaining intermediate proficiency in a modern foreign language or completing four statistics/information technology/data analysis related courses. Students can pursue the degree entirely online, or as a combination of online and on campus courses. Refer to the web course listing each semester to check the availability of on campus and online courses.

Questions About this Program?

Contact our Student Support Center at (978) 934-2474 or email if you have questions or need assistance with course selection.

Curriculum Outline

Minimum Credits: 120

Note: A 2.2 cumulative average overall and a 2.5 average in the major are necessary for graduation. CJ Majors need a minimum of 36 CJ credits and cannot exceed 60 CJ credits.

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  1. CRIM.1010 The Criminal Justice System (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. CRIM.1410 Introduction to Policing (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. CRIM.1510 Introduction to Corrections (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. CRIM.2210 Criminology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  5. CRIM.2340 Criminal Law (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. CRIM.3900 Criminal Justice Research Methods (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!

List of Criminal Justice Elective Courses:

  1. CRIM.1150 Introduction to Homeland Security (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. CRIM.2030 Technology and the Criminal Justice System (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. CRIM.2130 Emergency Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. CRIM.2430 Criminalistics I (3cr)
  5. CRIM.2440 Criminalistics II (3cr)
  6. CRIM.2480 Terrorism (international and domestic) (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  7. CRIM.2610 Juvenile Delinquency (3cr)
  8. CRIM.3120 Security Management (3cr)
  9. CRIM.3480 Advanced Seminar on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. CRIM.3270 Violence in America (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  11. CRIM.3410 International Perspectives on Crime and Crime Control (3cr)
  12. CRIM.3420 Criminal Profiling (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  13. CRIM.3470 Police Innovations (3cr)
  14. CRIM.3260 Hate Crime (3cr)
  15. CRIM.3510 Community -Based Corrections (3cr)
  16. CRIM.3600 Gender, Race, and Crime (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  17. CRIM.3700 Criminal Justice Management (3cr)
  18. CRIM.3730 Issues in Police Administration (3cr)
  19. CRIM.3800 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice (3cr)
  20. CRIM.3870 Criminal Mind and Behavior (3cr)
  21. CRIM.3950 Statistics in Criminal Justice (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  22. CRIM.3980 Criminal Justice Data Analysis (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  23. CRIM.4010 Substance Abuse and Crime (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  24. CRIM.4220 Victimology (3cr)
  25. CRIM.4770 Intimate Partner Violence (3cr)
  26. CRIM.4780 Child Maltreatment (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  27. CRIM.4900 Criminal Justice Honors Seminar (3cr)

The above list is partial and subject to change. Search our current course listing at the top of the page by keyword "CRIM." for the most up-to-date list of online Criminal Justice courses (courses with the CRIM. prefix).

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is open to individuals who have at minimum earned their high school diploma or who have successfully completed the GED test or the High School Equivalency Testing Program.

How to Apply

To apply into this program, please complete our Online Application Form or print and complete our pdf Application Form.

Transfer Credits / Credit for Prior Learning

Have you taken credit courses at another accredited college or university in the past? You may be able to count those courses towards your degree at UMass Lowell. Please review our transfer credit policy and email our advisors at for additional details.

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