Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Suggested Course of Study - Total Credits: 129

The following course outline, which lists 3 courses each semester, is only a suggested course load. First-year students should not take more than 1 or 2 courses their first semester. Subsequent course loads may be determined by the students’ own personal time constraints.

For students who entered the program prior to September 2005.

Many 500-level mathematics courses are within the grasp of upper level undergraduate students. Refer to the day school schedule of classes for graduate course listings. Many graduate courses are offered in the late afternoon/early evening time frame.

If you would like information on the different career opportunities available with the Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, visit

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Register for Courses

Course schedules are posted on the website approximately two months prior to the start of each semester. Returning students can register for courses using SIS self-service, while new students must use the Non-Degree Registration Form.


Email our Advising Center or call 800-480-3190 to speak with an advisor.