Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology

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Available entirely online or as a mix of on campus and online courses!

The need for highly skilled professionals with the latest knowledge of information technology continues to grow. UMass Lowell's Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology offers a cutting-edge program designed to prepare students for positions in a world increasingly centered around Information Technology.

With UMass Lowell's wide array of IT course offerings, students are able to study a number of different subjects including programming, networking, database management, website design, multimedia and more. Courses are available in topics such as Java Programming, Web Development, Linux / UNIX Systems Administration, Network Security, and Relational Database Concepts.

The Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology is available entirely online, or as a mix of online and on-campus courses – providing a high degree of flexibility and convenience for busy adult students and working professionals.

As a non-profit public institution, UMass Lowell is dedicated to providing an education that's affordable and world class – and it's all backed by the academic integrity of a top-ranked research University.

Not sure which courses to take first? See our Example Program of Study.

Program Outline

40 Courses / 120 Credits Minimum

General Education Requirements

12 Courses / 36-38 Credits

UMass Lowell's General Education courses are designed to provide students with a foundation that prepares them for continued work within their major and minor fields, as well as endowing them with intellectual habits that will enable them to become lifelong learners. For a list of approved General Education courses, visit

  1. ENGL.1010 College Writing I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. ENGL.1020 College Writing II (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. ----.---- General Education - Arts & Humanities (AH) (3cr)
  4. ----.---- General Education - Arts & Humanities (AH) (3cr)
  5. ----.---- General Education - Arts & Humanities (AH) (3cr)
  6. ECON.2010 Economics I (Microeconomics) (SS) (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  7. ----.---- General Education - Social Sciences (SS) (3cr)
  8. ----.---- General Education - Social Sciences (SS) (3cr)
  9. MATH.2830 Introduction to Statistics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. INFO.4600 Computer Ethics - Recommended to Fulfill UML's Ethics Requirement (3cr)
  11. ----.---- General Education - Science with Experimental Learning (SCL) (3cr) or (3cr+1cr)
  12. ----.---- General Education - Science with Experimental Learning (SCL) (3cr) or (3cr+1cr)
  13. ----.---- STEM Perspective*

*INFO.1600 may be used to fulfill this STEM requirement.

Professional Skills Requirements

4 Courses / 12 Credits

  1. ECON.2020 Economics II (Macroeconomics) (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. MATH.1200 Precalculus Mathematics I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. MATH.3210 Discrete Structures I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!

Information Technology Core Requirements

5-6 Courses / 15-18 Credits

    • INFO.2020 Microsoft Office (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
    • Students who can document proficiency may substitute an upper-level Information Technology Elective in place of INFO.2020.

** Note: Students cannot get credit for both INFO.2670 and the INFO.2110/INFO.2120 sequence; INFO.2120 can be counted as an Information Technology Elective if INFO.2110 is also taken.

Information Technology Electives

Choose 10 Courses (30 Credits)

Choose 10 courses from any courses with a prefix of INFO.xxxx, COMP.xxxx or This is a partial list of approved INFO.xxxx courses that may be used towards the Information Technology Electives requirement. Call our Student Support Specialists for advising at 1-800-480-3190 or email us at if you have questions about using INFO.xxxx, COMP.xxxx, or courses not listed here as IT electives.

  1. INFO.2200 Visual Basic® (3cr)
  2. INFO.2240 Advanced Visual Basic® (3cr)
  3. INFO.2250 Survey of Programming Languages (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. INFO.2300 Introduction to Multimedia (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  5. INFO.2310 Graphics for Multimedia and the World Wide Web (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. INFO.2320 Desktop Video Production (3cr)
  7. INFO.2380 Website Development (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  8. INFO.2480 Website Database Implementation (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  9. INFO.2500 E-Commerce (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. INFO.2670 C Programming (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  11. INFO.2680 C++ Programming (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  12. INFO.2690 Advanced C++ (3cr)
  13. INFO.2700 Visual C++ .NET (3cr)
  14. INFO.2710 C# Programming (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  15. INFO.2910 Introduction to DHTML (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  16. INFO.2970 Introduction to Java Programming (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  17. INFO.3010 JAVA Programming/Windows (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  18. INFO.3020 JavaScript (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  19. INFO.3030 Advanced Java Programming (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  20. INFO.3050 Survey of Perl/Python/PHP (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  21. INFO.3060 Introduction to XML (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  22. INFO.3080 Agile Software Development with Java (3cr)
  23. INFO.3110 Introduction to the Linux/Unix Operating System (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  24. INFO.3120 Shell Scripting (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  25. INFO.3130 Linux/UNIX Internals Overview (3cr)
  26. INFO.3190 Introduction to Linux (3cr)
  27. INFO.3210 Linux/Unix System Administration (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  28. INFO.3460 Digital Media Delivery (3cr)
  29. INFO.3600 Intro. to Data Structures with C (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  30. INFO.3640 Problem Solving with C (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  31. INFO.3850 Introduction to Information Security (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  32. INFO.4570 Network Security (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  33. INFO.4600 Computer Ethics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  34. INFO.4610 LAN/WAN Technologies (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  35. INFO.4620 TCP/IP and Network Architecture (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  36. INFO.4640 Network Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  37. INFO.4740 Relational Database Concepts (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  38. COMP.1130 Exploring the Internet (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!

Focus Area Electives

Choose 6 Courses (18 Credits)

Choose 6 courses from one of the following focus areas. Please contact the Student Support Center for advising at 1-800-480-3190 or email for details.

Arts & Humanities Focus:
A sampling of courses from this focus area includes, but is not limited to:
  1. ARHI.1010 Art Appreciation (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. ARHI.3020 Studies In World Art (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. GRFX.2000 Introduction to Graphic Design (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. GRFX.2020 Fundamentals of Typography (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  5. GRFX.2030 Photographic Imaging (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. GRFX.2040 Computer Graphics & Illustration (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  7. GRFX.2120 Website Design (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  8. GRFX.3120 Advanced Website Design (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  9. GRFX.3150 Design for Advertising (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. ENGL.2120 The Short Story (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  11. ENGL.2380 Introduction to Creative Writing (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  12. ENGL.2400 Literature and Women (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  13. ENGL.2980 Children's Literature (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  14. ENGL.3100 Writing Popular Fiction (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  15. HIST.1050 Western Civilization I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  16. HIST.2420 World War II (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  17. HIST.2750 African-American History (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  18. HIST.3650 United States History since 1960 (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  19. PHIL.2010 Introduction to Philosophy (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  20. PHIL.2020 Introduction to Logic and Critical Reasoning (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  21. PHIL.2030 Introduction to Ethics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  22. PHIL.2960 Introduction to World Religions (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  23. PHIL.3880 Latin American Philosophy (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  24. WLFR.xxxx French 1 thru 4
  25. WLPO.xxxx Portuguese
  26. WLSP.xxxx Spanish 1 thru 4

Additional courses in the Arts & Humanities focus area can be browsed using the following links: Art History, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, English, History, Music History, Music Theory, Philosophy, World Languages. Note, not all of these subjects will have courses offered every semester, and some of the courses might only be offered on campus – please check the course delivery format before you register for a course.

Social Sciences Focus:
A sampling of courses from this focus area includes, but is not limited to:
  1. CRIM.1010 The Criminal Justice System (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. CRIM.1150 Introduction to Homeland Security (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. CRIM.1410 Introduction to Policing (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. CRIM.2030 Technology and the Criminal Justice System (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  5. CRIM.2130 Emergency Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. CRIM.3430 Forensic Psychology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  7. CRIM.3970 Crime Mapping (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  8. CRIM.3980 Criminal Justice Data Analysis (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  9. CRIM.4010 Substance Abuse and Crime (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. CRIM.4780 Child Maltreatment (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  11. ECON.2110 Statistics for Business and Economics I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  12. ECON.3020 Labor Economics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  13. ECON.3030 Microeconomic Theory (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  14. ECON.3160 Investments: Instruments and Strategies (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  15. POLI.1010 Introduction to American Politics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  16. POLI.1210 Introduction to International Relations (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  17. POLI.2650 State and Local Politics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  18. POLI.3530 Public Policy and Administration (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  19. PSYC.1010 Introduction to Psychological Science (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  20. PSYC.2320 Psychology of Personality (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  21. PSYC.2600 Child and Adolescent Development (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  22. PSYC.2720 Abnormal Psychology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  23. PSYC.3080 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  24. PSYC.3510 Human Sexuality (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  25. PSYC.3600 Adult Development and Aging (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  26. PSYC.3630 Introduction to Disability Studies (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  27. SOCI.1010 Introduction to Sociology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  28. SOCI.2120 Cultures of the World (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  29. SOCI.2200 Self-Assessment and Career Development (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!

Additional courses in the Social Sciences focus area can be browsed using the following links: Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology. Note, not all of these subjects will have courses offered every semester, and some of the courses might only be offered on campus – please check the course delivery format before you register for a course.

Management Focus:
A sampling of courses from this focus area includes, but is not limited to:
  1. ACCT.2010 Accounting/Financial (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. ACCT.2020 Accounting/Managerial (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. ACCT.3010 Intermediate Accounting I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. ACCT.3210 Cost Accounting (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  5. ACCT.4310 Federal Income Taxes (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. ENTR.3000 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  7. FINA.3010 Financial Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  8. FINA.3210 Investment and Portfolio Analysis - Available Fall 2016!
  9. FINA.4910 International Finance (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. MGMT.3010 Organizational Behavior (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  11. MGMT.3100 Human Resources Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  12. MGMT.3800 Business Ethics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  13. MGMT.4100 Negotiation Strategy and Process (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  14. MGMT.4200 Leadership Processes (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  15. MGMT.4900 Strategic Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  16. MIST.2010 Business Information Systems (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  17. MIST.3050 Business Applications Development (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  18. MKTG.2010 Marketing Principles (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  19. MKTG.2100 Professional Communications (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  20. MKTG.3130 Sales and Customer Relations (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  21. MKTG.3150 New Product & Service Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  22. MKTG.4020 Buyer Behavior (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  23. MKTG.4110 Marketing Analytics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  24. POMS.2010 Managerial Decision Making (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  25. POMS.3010 Operations Management (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  26. POMS.4010 Logistics and Transportation (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  27. POMS.4040 Managerial Quality Control (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!

Additional courses in the Management focus area can be browsed using the following links: Accounting, Entrepeneurship, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations Management. Note, not all of these subjects will have courses offered every semester, and some of the courses might only be offered on campus – please check the course delivery format before you register for a course.

Math, Science, Engineering Focus:
A sampling of courses from this focus area includes, but is not limited to:
  1. MATH.1220 Management Calculus (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. MATH.1250 Calculus A (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. MATH.1260 Calculus B (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  4. MATH.2250 Calculus C (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  5. MATH.2340 Differential Equations (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. LIFE.1000 Introduction to Biology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  7. LIFE.1010 Life Science I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  8. LIFE.1100 Microbes and Society: Good, Bad and Ugly (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  9. LIFE.1250 Plants and Human Society (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  10. LIFE.2140 Human Ecology (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  11. CHEM.1010 Applied Chemistry for Non-Scientists (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  12. CHEM.1020 Forensic Science for the Non-Scientist (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  13. CHEM.1210 Chemistry I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  14. CHEM.1220 Chemistry II (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  15. PHYS.1310 Technical Physics I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  16. PHYS.1320 Technical Physics II (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  17. RADI.1010 Radiation and Life (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  18. MTEC.1020 Engineering Design and Graphics (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  19. MTEC.2000 Computer Aided Drafting (CADrf) (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  20. MTEC.2230 Mechanics of Materials (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  21. MTEC.4800 Computer Aided Design (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  22. MTEC.4840 Introduction to Pro/ENGINEER (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  23. MTEC.4850 Introduction to SolidWorks (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  24. ETEC.1300 Electrical Basics and Laboratory (2cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  25. ETEC.2130 Electric Circuits I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  26. ETEC.2720 Introduction to Alternative Energy (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  27. ETEC.3410 Logic Design I and Laboratory (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  28. ETEC.3450 Programmable Logic Controllers and Lab I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  29. ETEC.3500 Control Systems I (3cr) - Available Fall 2016!
  30. ETEC.3550 Electronics I and Laboratory (2cr) - Available Fall 2016!

Additional courses in the Math, Science & Engineering focus area can be browsed using the following links: Math, Biology, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Physics, Radiation, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering. Note, not all of these subjects will have courses offered every semester, and some of the courses might only be offered on campus – please check the course delivery format before you register for a course.

Free Electives

3 Courses/9 Credits

  1. ----.---- Elective (3cr)
  2. ----.---- Elective (3cr)
  3. ----.---- Elective (3cr)

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is open to individuals who have at minimum earned their high school diploma or who have successfully completed the GED test or the High School Equivalency Testing Program.

How to Apply

To apply into this program, please complete our Online Application Form or print and complete our pdf Application Form.

Transfer Credits / Credit for Prior Learning

Have you taken credit courses at another accredited college or university in the past? You may be able to count those courses towards your degree at UMass Lowell. Please review our transfer credit policy and email our advisors at for additional details.

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