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Available entirely online or as a mix of on campus and online courses!

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree, offered through UMass Lowell's College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in collaboration with the Division of Online and Continuing Education, provides students with a well-balanced Liberal Arts curriculum. Students can customize their program by selecting two of the following concentration areas:  Art History, Economics, English, History, Legal Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Gender Studies.

The convenience and flexibility of the Liberal Arts program make it an ideal choice for working adults, transfer students, and for students whose education plans were previously interrupted.

Concentration Areas

Choose two of the concentration areas below and take 8-10 courses from each of your two concentrations (48-60 credits total). At least four of your courses from each concentration area must be taken at the 3000/4000 level (example: ENGL.3xxx or HIST.4xxx).

Art History Concentration

The Art History Concentration creates visually-literate students with a fundamental understanding of the historical development of art in societies and cultures around the world. Students will further develop the ability to organize their perceptions and thoughts about artwork so that they can provide a well-informed analysis that honors the historical and cultural context of the artwork.

Some of the courses that may be included in the Art History concentration are:

  1. ARHI.1010 Art Appreciation - Available Fall 2016!
  2. ARHI.2030 History of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art - Available Fall 2016!
  3. ARHI.2040 History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern Art
  4. ARHI.2210 Twentieth Century Art
  5. ARHI.3000 Art History, Music and Culture
  6. ARHI.3210 Italian Renaissance Art
  7. ARHI.3300 Italian Mannerism
  8. ARHI.3400 Women and Art
  9. ARHI.3450 Pre-Raphaelite Art

A more comprehensive list of Art History electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the ARHI.xxxx course prefix.

Economics Concentration

The Economics Concentration provides students with a deep understanding of economic principles and their relationship with commerce, production and the exchange of products and services. Students will learn how changes to business practices and international policy can affect the economy as businesses and countries struggle to remain agile in a competitive global marketplace.

Some of the courses that may be included in the Economics concentration are:

  1. ECON.2010 Economics I (Microeconomics) - Available Fall 2016!
  2. ECON.2020 Economics II (Macroeconomics) - Available Fall 2016!
  3. ECON.2110 Statistics for Business and Economics I - Available Fall 2016!
  4. ECON.3030 Microeconomic Theory - Available Fall 2016!
  5. ECON.3020 Labor Economics - Available Fall 2016!
  6. ECON.3040 Macroeconomic Theory
  7. ECON.3250 United States Economic History
  8. ECON.3120 Managerial Economics
  9. ECON.3160 Investments: Instruments and Strategies - Available Fall 2016!
  10. ECON.3180 Financial Markets and Monetary Policy

A more comprehensive list of Economics electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the ECON.xxxx course prefix.

English Concentration

The English Concentration provides students with a comprehensive foundation in English - from learning how to write and present information in a factual and engaging manner, to studying classic and contemporary works of English and American literature. Graduates of the program pursue careers in fields that draw upon their professional writing talents including journalism, marketing, publishing, communications, management, theatre arts, filmmaking, politics, government and the law.

Some of the courses that may be included in the English concentration are:

  1. ENGL.2070 English Studies in a Digital Environment - Available Fall 2016!
  2. ENGL.2120 The Short Story - Available Fall 2016!
  3. ENGL.2160 Monsters, Apes & Nightmares - Available Fall 2016!
  4. ENGL.2170 The Horror Story - Available Fall 2016!
  5. ENGL.2260 Technical and Scientific Communication - Available Fall 2016!
  6. ENGL.2360 Science Fiction and Fantasy - Available Fall 2016!
  7. ENGL.2380 Introduction to Creative Writing - Available Fall 2016!
  8. ENGL.2740 The Literature of the Beat Movement
  9. ENGL.3070 History of the English Language - Available Fall 2016!
  10. ENGL.4230 Shakespeare I

A more comprehensive list of English electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the ENGL.xxxx course prefix.

History Concentration

The History Concentration provides students with a deep understanding of world history and the impact historical events have had on the world in which we live today. Courses in this concentration provide students with practical experiences in research, analysis, writing, presentation, theory and critical thinking.

Some of the courses that may be included in the History concentration are:

  1. HIST.1070 World Civilization I - Available Fall 2016!
  2. HIST.1110 United States History to1877 - Available Fall 2016!
  3. HIST.2250 Ancient Greek History
  4. HIST.2400 World War I - Available Fall 2016!
  5. HIST.2700 Women in American History
  6. HIST.2740 Native American History
  7. HIST.3040 European Economic & Social History
  8. HIST.3560 Civil War and Reconstruction - Available Fall 2016!
  9. HIST.3740 Stalin's Russia - Available Fall 2016!
  10. HIST.3760 20th Century Irish History in Film

A more comprehensive list of History electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the HIST.xxxx course prefix.

The Legal Studies Concentration enables students to gain a broad-based understanding of legal practices while they work towards a solid foundation in Liberal Arts. Students study a variety of legal topics including criminal and tort law, contract law, corporate law, family law, environmental law, racial discrimination, and real estate law. Many of the courses in this concentration provide students with a preview to classes offered in law school.

Some of the courses that may be included in the Legal Studies concentration are:

  1. LGST.2610 Introduction to Legal Concepts - Available Fall 2016!
  2. LGST.2620 Introduction to Business Law - Available Fall 2016!
  3. LGST.3630 Corporate and Property Law - Available Fall 2016!
  4. LGST.3700 Real Estate Law - Available Fall 2016!
  5. LGST.3810 Women and the Law - Available Fall 2016!
  6. LGST.3830 Alternative Dispute Resolution - Available Fall 2016!
  7. LGST.3860 Intellectual Property - Available Fall 2016!
  8. LGST.3870 Legal Research Methods - Available Fall 2016!
  9. LGST.3920 Wills,Trusts and Estates - Available Fall 2016!
  10. LGST.4900 Legal Aspects of Cyberspace

A more comprehensive list of Legal Studies electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the LGST.xxxx course prefix.

Political Science Concentration

The Political Science concentration is designed to provide students with in-depth insight into the nature of politics and government on the local, state, national, and international levels. Students develop a better understanding of the political process along with the ability to analyze political systems, relationships, and social issues affecting law, government, international policy, business and sports.

Some of the courses that may be included in the Political Science concentration are:

  1. POLI.1010 Introduction to American Politics - Available Fall 2016!
  2. POLI.1210 Introduction to International Relations - Available Fall 2016!
  3. POLI.2180 Introduction to Politics and Sports - Available Fall 2016!
  4. POLI.2220 Politics of the Internet - Available Fall 2016!
  5. POLI.2300 Law and the Legal System(Formerly 46.230) - Available Fall 2016!
  6. POLI.2650 State and Local Politics - Available Fall 2016!
  7. POLI.3160 Politics and Film - Available Fall 2016!
  8. POLI.3320 The Politics of Food - Available Fall 2016!
  9. POLI.3230 Politics and Baseball
  10. POLI.3430 Congress
  11. POLI.3440 American Presidency
  12. POLI.3530 Public Policy and Administration - Available Fall 2016!

A more comprehensive list of Political Science electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the POLI.xxxx course prefix.

Psychology Concentration

Courses in the Psychology Concentration cover such topics as human development, the learning process, sexuality, the relationship between physiological and psychological processes, sensation and perception, cognitive processes, motivation and emotion, personality, behavioral disorders, and social behavior. Graduates of the program can pursue careers in psychology-related fields such as social work, mental health care, human services, counseling, market research, and management. For those who wish to become a licensed psychologists, an advanced degree is typically required, however this concentration provides an academic foundation that is conducive to further pursuit of an advanced degree in this field.

Some of the courses that may be included in the Psychology concentration are:

  1. PSYC.1010 Introduction to Psychological Science - Available Fall 2016!
  2. PSYC.2600 Child and Adolescent Development - Available Fall 2016!
  3. PSYC.2320 Psychology of Personality - Available Fall 2016!
  4. PSYC.2550 Community Psychology - Available Fall 2016!
  5. PSYC.2720 Abnormal Psychology - Available Fall 2016!
  6. PSYC.2730 Brain, Mind & Behavior - Available Fall 2016!
  7. PSYC.2780 Cognitive Psychology
  8. PSYC.3120 Learning and Behavior - Available Fall 2016!
  9. PSYC.3350 Psychology and Women - Available Fall 2016!
  10. PSYC.3510 Human Sexuality - Available Fall 2016!

A more comprehensive list of Psychology electives is available in each semester's bulletin or on our website with the PSYC.xxxx course prefix.

Gender Studies Concentration

There is a growing demand in the workforce for experts and professional consultants on gender issues. The Gender Studies Concentration explores the history of women in societies throughout the world - providing students with an understanding of how social and cultural influences have shaped the lives and roles of women throughout history.

Note: The following list includes courses from some of the other concentration areas, but they may only be counted once towards one of the two concentration areas.

  1. LGST.3760 Family Law - Available Fall 2016!
  2. LGST.3810 Women and the Law - Available Fall 2016!
  3. ENGL.2430 Contemporary Women Writers
  4. HIST.2700 Women in American History
  5. CRIM.3600 Gender, Race, and Crime - Available Fall 2016!
  6. CRIM.4770 Intimate Partner Violence
  7. PSYC.3350 Psychology and Women - Available Fall 2016!
  8. PSYC.3510 Human Sexuality - Available Fall 2016!
  9. ENGL.1010 College Writing I - Available Fall 2016!
  10. ENGL.1020 College Writing II - Available Fall 2016!

Need help choosing courses? Contact Cathy Hamilton in our Student Support Center at 978-934-3939 for assistance.

Bachelor of Liberal Arts Curriculum Outline

The following Liberal Arts curriculum outline is a suggested part-time course load consisting of two courses per semester. We generally recommend that first-year students take only 1 or 2 courses their first semester. Subsequent course loads may be determined by the student's own personal time constraints.

Total Credits: 120

I. Foreign Languages: Four courses in Language and Civilization (WLFR.xxxx or WLSP.xxxx; 12 credits or intermediate level proficiency) Students who choose the Foreign Language competency must complete all 12 credits within this area.

II. Practical and Technical Literacy: Four courses in areas such as Computer Literacy, Studio Art, Community Service, Health Care, Marketing and Management Skills, or Music Performance.

III. Diversity of Cultural Experience: Four courses in Art History, Music History, Philosophy or History.


Note: For students entering the Bachelor's of Liberal Arts program in or after September 2006, the minimum required GPA for the student graduating from the BLA degree program is 2.5.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is open to individuals who have at minimum earned their high school diploma or who have successfully completed the GED test or the High School Equivalency Testing Program.

How to Apply

To apply into this program, please complete our Online Application Form or print and complete our pdf Application Form.

Transfer Credits / Credit for Prior Learning

Have you taken credit courses at another accredited college or university in the past? You may be able to count those courses towards your degree at UMass Lowell. Please review our transfer credit policy and email our advisors at for additional details.

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