Onsite Microsoft Project Training®

Learn Microsoft Project® Conveniently at Your Workplace

Join the growing number of companies who have brought our training onsite for their employees. By having the seminar held at your office, our instructors are able to provide real-world advice and instruction, while your staff gains company-specific knowledge throughout the training process.

This seminar teaches participants how to use the flagship of project management software. We teach the functionality of Microsoft® Project using a combination of lecture, hands-on applications and case studies to reinforce and better absorb the material. Although this is our standard Microsoft® Project offering, some advanced features are explored so that users can plan and manage projects in the PMBOK® context. Companies have the option of training their employees on either Microsoft Project 2003 or 2007.

To maximize your value, we recommend having ten or more of your employees attend the training. If you don't have that many employees for the training, we can also negotiate a competitive rate for smaller audiences... Call us for a quote!

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This seminar is intended for all members of a project team: Senior Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Resource Managers and Individual Team Members - anyone interested in the basics of Microsoft Project in the Total Project Control environment. Attendees new to project management will learn the basics, while those with more experience will gain a better understanding of the inner workings of Microsoft Project.


  • Microsoft Project and the Total Project Control process
  • Building Schedules in Microsoft Project
  • Issues using Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft Project Set Up
    • Critical Path and Calculating Date
    • Creating Charts (Gantt, Network)
    • Using and Customizing Tables and Views
    • Working the Critical Path
    • Creating and Managing Deadlines
    • Optimizing the schedule
    • Sharing Views & Calendars
  • Managing Resources & Multiple Projects
    • Introduction to Resource Analysis
    • Identifying & Applying Resources
    • Identifying Resource Problems
    • Resolving Resource Problems
  • Keeping Projects on Track
  • Creating and Customizing Reports
  • Develop a Baseline
  • Updating Project Status
  • Variances and Keeping the Project on Track

Seminar Objectives

  • Understand how to use Microsoft Project in the PMBOK® process.
  • Building Project Schedules
  • Developing Work Breakdown Structures
  • Produce schedules using the 4 types of task relationships
  • Understand Critical Path and how its calculated and displayed
  • Compress and optimize schedules
  • Understand the various report types and how to customize them
  • Managing Resources and Multiple Projects
  • Appreciate the basics of resource management in Microsoft Project
  • Solve resource related problems using Microsoft Project
  • Understand the resource management limitations of Microsoft Project and the work-arounds
  • Understand the basics of Microsoft Project in a network environment
  • Resolve multi-project resource conflicts
  • Keeping Projects on Track
  • Develop baselines
  • Accurately represent project status
  • Aggressively get projects back on track

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For additional information on the onsite Microsoft Project training, call Karen von Sneidern at (978) 934-2473 or email Karen_vonSneidern@uml.edu

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