XY Mechanical Movements

Topic areas include:

  • X, Y and Z Coordinates, Cartesian and polar
  • Safety considerations
  • Absolute and relative motions
  • Accuracy, resolution, and repeatability
  • Motors: DC, AC, Servo DC, Servo AC
  • Motor controllers (Types: Across-line starters, DC, AC, Servo)
  • Basic servo operation
  • Types of servo motor systems
  • Motor-to-load coupling
  • Motor/Encoder shaft alignment
  • Homing and home offset
  • Velocity Curve Mode
  • Position control using Video Systems, Tooling and Fiducials
  • Alignment and Alignment tests
  • Optical and Vision Systems
  • Reference signals
  • Use of Z axis when appropriate
  • Machine performance at high and low speeds
  • Tool and part changeover
  • Job set-up vs. run operations

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