Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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One of UMass Lowell's most popular degree programs, this program can be taken entirely online or as a mix of online and on-campus classes.

UMass Lowell's Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides students with theoretical foundations in various subfields of psychology: experimental, developmental, social, personality, and clinical psychology. The curriculum emphasizes the application of psychological knowledge and skills in many areas of human functioning. Program faculty have expertise in a broad spectrum of subfields and are committed to the excellence of their students.

Geared towards working professionals, the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. The program can be completed entirely online, or as a mix of online and on campus courses. The convenience of the online format makes earning a degree much more attainable for many who would otherwise not be able to do so because of their busy home and work schedules. Students are able to take courses three times per year, during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is a widely-respected, fully-accredited university. As an early pioneer of online education, the University has won several awards and earned national recognition for the quality of its online programs.

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Program Outline

Total Credits Required: 120

  1. ENGL.1010 College Writing I (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  2. MATH.--- General Education - Mathematics (3cr) (92.151/111 recommended)
  3. PSYC.1010 General Psychology (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  4. --.--- General Education - Social Science (SS) (3cr)
  5. --.--- Language Course Level 1 (3cr)
  6. ENGL.1020 College Writing II (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  7. --.--- General Education - Science w/Lab (4cr)
  8. --.--- General Education - Arts/Humanities (AH) (3cr)
  9. PSYC.2600 Child and Adolescent Development (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  10. --.--- Language Course Level 2 (3cr)
  11. PSYC.2690 Research I: Basics* (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  12. --.--- General Education - Social Science (SS) (3cr)
  13. --.--- General Education - Science w/Lab (4cr)
  14. --.--- Language Course Level 3 (3cr)
  15. PSYC.--- Experimental Psychology Elective (see choices below) (3cr)
  16. --.--- General Education - Arts/Humanities (AH) (3cr)
  17. --.--- General Education - Science (non-lab) (3cr)
  18. --.--- Language Course Level 4 (3cr)
  19. PSYC.3690 Research II: Statistics (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  20. --.--- General Education - Arts/Humanities (AH) (3cr)
  21. PSYC.3000/4000 Psychology Elective (see choices below) (3cr)
  22. --.--- General Education - Social Science (SS) (3cr)
  23. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)
  24. PSYC.3750 Research III: Laboratory (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  25. PSYC.3000/4000 Psychology Elective (3cr)
  26. --.--- Psychology or Free Elective (3cr)
  27. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)
  28. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)
  29. PSYC.4-- Advanced Psychology Seminar (3cr)
  30. --.--- Psychology or Free Elective (3cr)
  31. --.--- 3000/4000 Free Elective (3cr)
  32. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)
  33. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)
  34. PSYC.4-- Advanced Psychology Elective (3cr)
  35. --.--- Psychology or Free Elective (3cr)
  36. --.--- 3000/4000 Free Elective (3cr)
  37. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)
  38. --.--- Free Elective (3cr)

*Students must earn a minimum grade of C in PSYC.2690 before taking PSYC.3690.

General Education Course Information

For "General Education" course information, see UMass Lowell's Gen Ed website. Psychology majors fulfill Gen Ed Diversity & Ethics requirement by completing the courses in the above outline.

Language Course Information

Students in the Psychology major are required to demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in a foreign language by completing four language courses - See course listing for WLFR.--- or WLSP.--- courses.

Experimental Psychology Electives - Choose 1:

  1. PSYC.2730 Brain, Mind and Behavior (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  2. PSYC.2760 Theories of Learning (3cr)
  3. PSYC.2770 Sensation and Perception (3cr)
  4. PSYC.2780 Cognitive Psychology (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!

PSYC.3000/4000-Level Psychology Electives - Choose 2:

Approved 3000/4000-Level Psychology courses include, but are not limited to the following courses:

  1. PSYC.3080 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  2. PSYC.3120 Learning and Behavior (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  3. PSYC.3350 Psychology and Women (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  4. PSYC.3550 Sport and Exercise Physiology (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  5. PSYC.3630 Introduction to Disability Studies (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  6. PSYC.3600 Adult Development and Aging (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  7. PSYC.3510 Human Sexuality (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!

Advanced Psychology Seminars - Choose 1:

  1. PSYC.4720 Seminar: Personality (3cr)
  2. PSYC.4730 Seminar in Social Psychology (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  3. PSYC.4740 Seminar: Developmental Psychology (3cr)
  4. PSYC.4750 Seminar in Clinical Psychology (3cr) - Available Spring 2016!
  5. PSYC.4760 Seminar: Experimental Psychology
  6. PSYC.4770 Seminar: Contemporary Trends in Psychology (3cr)

Advanced Psychology Electives at the 4000-level or higher - Choose 1:

  1. PSYC.4-- Any 4000 level Seminar
  2. PSYC.4960 Practicum in Psychology (3cr)
  3. PSYC.4910 Directed Study: Psychology (3cr)
  4. PSYC.5-- Graduate Level Course (Seniors w/instructor's perm.)

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is open to individuals who have at minimum earned their high school diploma or who have successfully completed the GED test or the High School Equivalency Testing Program.

How to Apply

To apply into this program, please complete our Online Application Form or print and complete our pdf Application Form.

Transfer Credits / Credit for Prior Learning

Have you taken credit courses at another accredited college or university in the past? You may be able to count those courses towards your degree at UMass Lowell. Please review our transfer credit policy and email our advisors at for additional details.

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