Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics

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Available as a mix of on campus and online courses!

Suggested Program of Study - Total Credits: 126

For students entering the program in or after September 2005

Mathematics has long played an integral role in advances in science and technology. And in today's high-tech, information-based economy, a background in mathematics is a highly valued commodity.

At UMass Lowell, students in the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics develop valuable and transferable skills in critical thinking, quantitative analysis and problem solving - skills necessary for success in a broad range of fields.

Offered by UMass Lowell's Department of Mathematical Sciences through the Division of Online and Continuing Education, this part-time degree program features a robust program of study designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the science of mathematics including calculus, physics, discrete structures, applied statistics, propositional logic, methods of proof, relations and functions, applications to computer science and more.

UMass Lowell's Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics differs from the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics in that more science courses are required.

The following course outline, which lists 3 courses each semester, is only a suggested course load. First-year students should not take more than 1 or 2 courses their first semester. Subsequent course loads may be determined by the student's own personal time constraints. Courses are conveniently scheduled on campus in the evenings, and some of the electives are available online, to meet the needs of busy adults. Please note, that while some of the courses required for this degree may be completed online, this program is not available entirely online. Face-to-face courses are required.

Note: Students who officially applied and were accepted into this program prior to September 2005 may follow the previous curriculum outline for this program.

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